A Technology Management Company


A Technology Management Company

Equipment Management has evolved

As technology continues to advance, the lines between healthcare and technology grow less and less defined. The landscape of equipment manufacturers, service plans, and regulation compliance is becoming more complex by the day. 

CER Technology is a new kind of technology management partner with a fresh philosophy on service and a forward-thinking strategy for equipment management. 

CER Technology offers a comprehensive menu of consulting services, modern maintenance programs, and clinical engineering services aimed at balancing the needs of cost containment, uptime and regulatory compliance for our partners. 

Unbiased protection

CER Technology partnerships are built on a foundation of transparency and a culture of accountability. We advocate on behalf of our partners in a very tangible way that protects them from cryptic overcharges, unverifiable services-performed, and even fraudulent documentation. Our partners benefit by having an unbiased, expert resource onsite to help navigate the complex landscape of the equipment service industry.


cost advantage

Though it almost goes without saying, CER Technology works tirelessly to give our partners the benefit of financial stability through our holistic, yet practical, strategies to maximize uptime, isolate coverage gaps and redundancies, and remove unexpected expenses. By customizing our programs we are able to guarantee cost maximums and remove the variability from budgetary forecasting.


Peace of mind

Most of all our partners experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when inspection time comes, not only is regulatory compliance is guaranteed, but that overall risk liability is being minimized and patient safety is being emphasized every single day. 

Comprehensive Equipment Management

Comprehensive Equipment Management

Our staff is actively engaged with our clients through a number of clinical engineering, equipment service, program management plans:

•  Clinical Engineering: Biomedical Equipment diagnosis and repair, spares and emergency replacement parts management

•  Risk Management: Equipment Hazard Information, Survey Representation, Safety Committee Reports and Compliance Systems 

•  Financial Management: Financial Tracking, Planning, and Disposition Services 

•  Quality Improvement: Management Reports, Maintenance Data Review, Performance Review, Quality Assurance, Policies and Procedures, and In-service Education


With medical devices no longer confined to the bedside environment of care, CER Technology is driven by a broader approach to medical equipment management.  

CER Technology strives to ensure that healthcare partners have the option to reduce maintenance expenditures while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service. In addition to a complete menu of facility management solutions for the health care and hospital industry CER-Technology provides a wide range of clinical engineering services, including:

  • Asset and technology management 
  • Resident medical equipment maintenance and repair 
  • New equipment evaluation
  • Equipment life cycle planning

Proactive Cost Solutions

Proactive Cost Solutions


As part of our comprehensive approach, we offer auditing services to verify and document inventory and assets as well as verify that all work documented was accurately performed. Leveraging over a decade of experience, we also review departmental financial activity and expenses to identify, and protect our partners from disadvantageous agreements, fraudulent invoicing, and overcharges that may otherwise go undetected.


One of the most challenging aspects of the medical equipment service industry is finding balance between having enough coverage and paying for more than what is needed. At CER Technology we focus on finding that harmonious equilibrium by directly negotiating advantageous service agreements with the right service vendors, removing redundant coverages, and mitigating coverage gaps for our partners. 


No one wants to overpay for parts. When it comes to biomedical equipment quality parts are crucial to patient safety and uptime, which make discounts difficult to come by. With CER Technology our partners benefit from our part-sourcing network. With over a decade of industry relationships, we have strategic partnerships with national and niche wholesalers that allow us to find the absolute lowest prices on medical device parts. Every part we purchase is rigorously inspected to meet our high quality standards and warrantied.